The SAFe website and team is focused solely on describing the best practices, roles, activities and artifacts that enterprises have used to achieve the significant business, economic and individual benefits that result from successful implementation of Lean-Agile methods at enterprise scale. However, SAFe does not implement itself and indeed makes no attempt to describe the significant organizational change management, cultural impacts, implementation strategies, and training and services provisioning that are typically required for successful implementation. We leave that to the enterprise and its business partners, as they know the specific context.

The lone exception is this page, which describes an overview of our recommendations for implementation, along with pointers to the growing community of service providers that are ready and willing to help the customer’s enterprise make this critical transformation.

Figure 1 describes this strategy in summary form. Each of the numbered items in this strategy is described in the paragraphs below, along with links to those who can help.


Scaled Agile Framework Implementation Strategy


1. Train Lean-Agile Change Agents (SPCs)

Given the scope, challenge and impact of  rollouts, most enterprises deploy a combination of internal and external experts, mentors and coaches skilled in teaching and delivering services based on Lean-Agile practices using SAFe. These Scaled Agile Framework Program Consultants (SPCs) do the “heavy lifting” necessary to help effect organizational change, train managers and others in the principles and practices, initiate Release Trains, and provide other important services to enable success. To address this need, we have developed a Training and Certification program to develop the skills of these professionals and to keep their skills current as the framework advances. Scaled Agile Academy - a brand and service offering of Scaled Agile, Inc. - is the entity that provides this.

2. Train All Executives, Managers and Leaders

Our philosophy is simple: the responsibility for adoption and success lies with the enterprises existing managers, leaders and executives. Such a responsibility cannot be wholly delegated to the agile advocates, development teams, or outside consultants; the leaders themselves must own the mission. To achieve this, our leaders must be trained in these new and innovative ways of thinking and operating. These  “Lean Thinking Manager-Teachers”  (or certified Scaled Agilists; “SAs” if they care to take and pass an exam) exhibit the following characteristics:

  • They are trained in the practices, roles, activities and artifacts of the Scaled Agile Framework
  • They understand  Lean and Agile principles, base their day-to-day decisions on this long term philosophy, and understand and teach these behaviors
  • They develop people. Their people develop solutions.
  • They are trained in the practices and tools of continuous improvement and teach employees problem solving and corrective action skills
  • They are “hands on” in the new process adoption, eliminate impediments, and facilitate organizational change management
  • They take personal responsibility for Lean-Agile success

Resources: One source of such training is the course Leading the Lean-Agile Enterprise with the Scaled Agile Framework, delivered by certified SPC consultant/trainers in open enrollment or on-site settings. Service providers include Scaled Agile Inc., Scaled Agile Partners, and independent SPCs, who can be found at Scaled Agile Framework Program Consultants.

3. Train Teams and Launch Agile Release Trains

The primary value delivery mechanism in the enterprise is the Agile Release Train, but starting these trains is not a trivial task. One proven starting mechanism is an Agile Release Train Quickstart. This scalable and cost effective,  week-long, immersion program includes:

  • Organize 50-100 team members into agile teams, and train them simultaneously in the principles of Lean, Agile, SAFe and the implementation of ScrumXP in the enterprise context
  • Align the teams to a common mission and spend two days planning face-to-face for the next Program Increment (8-12 weeks) of the system level solution
  • Introduce prospective Product Owners and ScrumMasters to the skills and activities unique to their role in the new agile enterprise
  • Build context and a cadence-based rolling-wave planning and delivery model, that continuously incorporates business objective setting and program commitments, effective and reliable program execution, and adaptive feedback

Resources: Individuals that are licensed to deliver this SAFe certified ART Quickstart course can be found at Scaled Agile Inc., Scaled Agile Partners, and Scaled Agile Framework Program Consultants. In addition, an optional Scaled Agile Practitioner (SP) is available for those who have been through the ScrumXP and ART training.

Supporting Consulting Services

Once the enterprise has a critical mass of Lean Thinking Manager-Teachers in house, and a few Agile Release Trains rolling, a variety of additional consulting activities may be applicable and beneficial. These can include:

  • Coaching the teams on the train to enhance Scrum and agile skills and prowess
  • Coaching and mentoring Scrum masters, Product Owners and System Teams
  • Conducting Agile Architecture workshops
  • Facilitating release train readiness and backlog refinement
  • Facilitating portfolio planning workshops
  • Facilitating Inspect and Adapt workshops
  • Implementing relevant Metrics
  • Mentoring other program stakeholders
  • Assisting with Continuous Delivery practices
  • Training in Test-Driven Development, Acceptance Test Driven Development and other XP-inspired and technical practices

 Resources: Such a variety of opportunities for improvement in speed and quality is best served by an extensive community of skilled professionals, so we refer you to your in-house SPCs, Scaled Agile Partners, and other Scaled Agile Framework Program Consultants.

Guidance and Governance: Enterprise SAFe


Fully Adaptable to Your Enterprise

Enterprise SAFe is for companies implementing the Scaled Agile Framework who need SAFe process tooling to support their rollout and ongoing success. It provides a natural view of the organization not constrained by specific object types or their relationships. This allows you to customize not only actual roles or practices but any fragment of the process, value flow, or even cultural aspect of the method.


It features an eco-system of customization that enables you to not only revise the graphical representation of the SAFe Big Picture, but to adapt the entire content offering to your Enterprise. Icons, labels, articles, graphics—all elements are editable to meet your organizational requirements. What’s more, as the Scaled Agile Framework evolves, your enterprise will grow with it through integrated support that allows you to synchronize your content to what’s new in the Framework.

Enterprise SAFe includes:

  • WordPress publishing platform allows you to start capturing the specifics of your SAFe implementation in a matter of minutes. It is a process product that is as easy to maintain as your personal blog.
  • Customizable Big Picture in Adobe Illustrator or Microsoft Powerpoint allows you to capture key modifications to the Framework at the front end of the website.
  • Powerpoint version of all the artwork throughout all pages in Enterprise SAFe allows you to change the graphics that are key to the story.
  • Enterprise SAFe allows adding or modifying content pages to better reflect the specific instantiation of SAFe in your organization.
  • Enterprise SAFe can be provisioned as a public website, private cloud-based website, or private on-premise website.


Bienvenidos • 今日は • Hei • Hallo SAFe!

This is also the package used for translating SAFe. OGIS-RI has launched a Japanese translation, and translations to Chinese, Finnish, and German are in process.

See Enterprise SAFe in Action


OGIS-RI has translated the Scaled Agile Framework website into Japanese

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